董事长/CEO 詹纯新在2015年度总结表彰大会上讲话



Honorable Minister Mr. Вовк В.М., distinguished guests and dear colleagues,


Good morning. Thank you for joining us today at 亚洲城唯一官网’s annual conference to celebrate together our one year’s hardwork and achievements . With China’s lunar New Year around the corner, may I extend, on behalf of 亚洲城唯一官网, our heartiest greetings and highest respect to every honored guest who comes from afar, to every 亚洲城唯一官网er who keeps forging ahead with our company, to all leaders and friends who always believe and support 亚洲城唯一官网, to all 亚洲城唯一官网 retired leaders and all 亚洲城唯一官网ers families, to our overseas colleagues and associates from Italy CIFA, Italy LADURNER, Germany M-TEC, from Russia, India, Holland and Brazil.


For 亚洲城唯一官网, 2015 is a year of keeping striving and ascending, and a year of us pushing our limits.


In this particular year, the road we walked through was uneven and tough. But it’s the only path leading to the next mountaintop. We hewed our way forward through brambles and thorns in spite of painful cuts and hurts; we unloaded our burdens and put aside the crowns we once proudly put on. As the year 2015 went away, we suddenly realized, the rugged way we passed has lifted us to a higher level, which is in fact the salute to a mountaineer, and the greatest honor.


“Looking back at the bleak place where we started, we had rain and also fine.”


When we get ready for a new journey to yet another high mountain, we have to reflect, what does climbing mean to us. Tramping over hill and dale, what have we created, and what have we harvestedThe answer is, ascending is a state of mind, a character, and a spirit of perseverance. Unremitting efforts of ascending elevate our state, harden our character, and strengthen our spirit.


Ascending, is a state. The mountain exists in the mediocre’s eyes only, while the mountaineer holds it in his heart; the mountain is a scenery to the mediocre ,while to the mountaineer it is a target. The mediocre cannot see the mountains at times while the mountaineer always has the picture of mountains and rivers on his mind. That makes the difference of a person’s vision.

We deeply understand, the view of the world should not be restricted by the limit of our eyesight. Higher ascending makes us more open-minded and farsighted. The humble mountaintop for 亚洲城唯一官网 over 20 years ago, was just striving for content living and surviving fierce competition in ‘red ocean’; and the mountaintop for us today, is total globalization, to be part of the global industrial ecology, and to make the world a better place with joint efforts. We’ve overcome mountains of difficulties and never stopped moving forward.


Ascending is a character. Ascending, is a test to character rather than to physical strength and endurance. The asperity of ascending, can wear one’s feet but cannot destroy one’s will. The mountaineer is destined to be lonely, arduous and perseverant, hardship being his company and retreat out of the question. At the time of China’s economic transformation, we are faced with steep cliffs, climbing straight up is our only option. Our steps and paces may vary at times, yet it’s critical that our steps be solid, steady and accurate, which will finally take us to the top. That’s the character of a mountaineer.


Ascending is also perseverance. Year over year, every move seems monotonous, but the real mountaineer never feels bored, for each step forward takes us closer to the top. Twenty-three years ago, we started from scratch, and climbed over one mountain after another with our hands and feet. Today our strategic direction is clearer than ever, our resources are more abundant than before, and we’re more determined in ascending even higher. We’ve already felt that, 亚洲城唯一官网ers vigorous and aggressive entrepreneurial spirit is coming back. I am fully confident that this spirit will prevail and 亚洲城唯一官网 will create more miracles as gritty mountaineers.


Mountains are there for mountaineers. Every height we challenged was thought insurmountable. However, the adverse conditions could turn out to be the catalyst of great wisdom and create new dimensions. 2016 will be even tougher, yet it’s also opportunity to rewrite the competition  situation through wise and bold ascending. We learn from experiences that, market makes room for long-tested enterprises while eliminating backward overcapacity and weak players. When ascending becomes our only faith, the hardest journey will surely take us to the best view.


All 亚洲城唯一官网ers, pluck up our courage and strength, we must fight to win or die. Let’s fight hard for a clear victory. With vision and ambition, with down-to-earth persistence and a mountaineer’s determination, we shall hold on tight to the cliff, keep climbing up, higher and higher, ascending to new glorious heights.

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